Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Favourite Moments Slide Show

Favourite Moments

My Reflection:
I was learning to make a Tagul about my favourite moments of this year in room 28/29.  It was a bit hard to think about things that I liked this year because there were so many fun things we did.  I enjoyed doing this activity because I had fun and it was really cool when it was finished.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Sgraffito Art

II have been learning to do an art call sgraffito art.  What you had to do is get a piece of paper hen just draw any thing you want to the you get another piece of paper and draw on with any colour pastel.  Next you had to get some black paint and paint it on top of the pastel then wait for that to dry.  When it's dry you had to take something sharp like a sharp stick then scratch out your picture that you chose.  I also wrote down a little poem to go with my art and it made it look really cool.  I really enjoyed doing this art because I have never done this type of art before and I really liked giving it a go. 

Provability with Yahtzee

My Reflection:
I have been learning to find out what the probability of Yahtzee is.  I think that the easiest to roll will have to be chance because all you have to do is roll the dice and then count the number and put the total in the correct column. Then the hardest one to roll is the Yahtzee because when you roll you have to try and get 5 of the same dice it can be any number but they have to all be the same number.  I found this activity a little bit hard and I didn't really understand what you had to do but at the end I got it done. 

Monday, 23 November 2015

Term 4 Week 6

On Saturday I went to the movies with my Mum and my friend.  The movies we went to was in mission bay by the beach. We went there because it was my birthday on Friday. The movie we saw was the hunger games.

By the time we arrived there we had so much time until the movie starts so we went to Kiwi Yo for a while.  The flavor I got was chocolate and the toppings I got were some nerds, sour worms and some hot chocolate sauce my friend got the same as me.  By the time we had all finished it was time to go to the movies and get our tickets we got to sit in the middle.  

About 1-2 and a half hours later it was time to go home.  So then we left the movies got into the car and drove off to go home when we got home it was time for all of us to go to bed I enjoyed my day at the movies. I really enjoyed the movie cause it was really funny.

Narrative Task

My Reflection:
I have been learning to write a narrative.  A narrative is a fairy tale or a story that is like the normal one but you have to change it up a little.  I enjoyed doing this activity because it was easy to do and I really want to do it again because it was really fun.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Te Tuhi

My Reflection:
On Monday Room 29 went to Te Tuhi.  At Te Tuhi we made collages we also looked at some digital collages.  The first thing we had to do was get this type of ink paper and you had to find a picture that you liked.  Then put it on top of the ink paper and draw on your picture and when you lift up your picture it will be on your paper.  I enjoyed going to Te Tuhi and I really want to go next week.  

Monday, 9 November 2015

Term 4 Week 5

At 9.30 pm on a Saturday night I did some fireworks for guy folks I did it with my Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister and my Mums friend.  The first thing we did was we did some sparklers I wrote my name with it and I drew a picture of a firework going up in the sky. Then we did the rest of the fireworks it was fun.

The other types of fireworks we did were first a bug one which you had to leave it in it's box then light it up with a lighter then step back and it will light a red light which you can light up your sparklers with. Then we did a lot more different types of fireworks.

After all the fireworks were gone I played with my soccer ball with my brother.  We had a little game of soccer by the time we had to go inside we had finished the game the score was 25-0 to me Yaaaaaayyyyy!!!!! I won, I shouted then my brother made up an excuse saying "that it's not fair because you have been playing soccer for years!" 

After about 10 minutes later all the fireworks were all gone and we had finished our soccer game and it was time for us all to go inside. I didn't want the night to end because it was the best guy folks in my life!!!!

Fractured Fairy Tales

My Reflection:
I was learning to write a Fractured Fairy Tale. First I had to watch a video then I had to think of a Fairy Tale and make it different to the real Fairy Tale. Next I had to complete a writing frame full of my ideas that I thought of. I thought it was interesting because I had to think really hard of what would really hook the reader and what would make the storing interesting. My next step is to use what I have learnt to write my own narrative.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Narrative Framework

My Reflection:
I was learning to write a narrative. First I had to watch a video, read some examples and think about fairy tales I know. With my group I had to order the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, label it and then take I photo. Next I had to use this to complete a writing frame. I thought it was interesting because it made me think really deeply about what makes a story interesting and how to hook a reader in. I liked the framework as it let me put my thoughts in a clear order and helped me know what to put into my narrative as a whole. I chose to share my learning by completing the logical order activity.  I thought it was easy after I read the information about the structure of a narrative. My next step is to use what I have learnt to write my own narrative.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Determining Credibility

    My Reflection:
I have been learning to do a task called Determining Credibility.  So what you have to do for this task is you have 2 pieces of writing and you have 2 different questions for each piece of writing and you can only answer by highlighting the wordsYES or NO.  I enjoyed doing this activity because I have never done this before. 

Monday, 2 November 2015

Term 4 Week 4

On Sunday morning I watched the rugby world cup finals game. It was  The All Blacks vs Australia   
and the All Blacks won the score was 34-17. It was a really tough game because Australia is a really hard team to beat but we beat the and it was a really good game.

First when I was at my friends house on Saturday night we set an alarm for 4.30 in the morning to 
get up and get ready so that we could go to my friends Nanna's house to watch the rugby. We can't watch the rugby on my friends tv because it doesn't work.  Then we got in the car with all of our blankets and pillows so that we wouldn't be cold while we watched the rugby game.

By the time we got there they all ready had done the haka and stuff and they had already started but we didn't miss much of the game. It started off good no tries had been scored but it was good. Then we got the ball passed the ball then passed it again then......... TRY!!!!!  We got our first try I was soo happy that we got a try. Then we got another try Dan Carter kicked over the post then everyone watched it as it went in between the two goal post then it was half time.  Then Australia kicked the ball Dan Carter caught it then he kicked it and it went in between the posts we was so surprised that he was yelling at the ball to go over the posts.  

Then it was Full time they did it the All blacks had won the rugby world cup 2015 this was their third time winning the rugby world cup I was soo happy when the won I think that they are the best team in the world!!!!!.    

                                                           THE END