Thursday, 17 April 2014

My maths problem

Reflection:  It was easy to write how I solved this problem because I know to make the given number.  It was tricky to write a reflection at the end because we had to write lots of stuff that we did in the Ti Kouka maths problem. Writing on a white board helped me solve this problem - it helped me when I got a bit stuck on something a bit hard but the rest of it was all right.  At the end I felt really excited when I had done because it was a long thing I had to do.    

Learning to write a reader's response

My Reflection:
I had never done a reader's response before and I really enjoyed learning how to write one.  I like making a connection to my own life.  Next time I would like to try a different NZ poem.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Riley's Venn Diagram about Recounts

My Reflection:
I am learn to do a Venn Diagram it can be tricky to write the Venn Diagram
It was easy to do some of the Venn Diagram