Thursday, 30 July 2015

Features of an Explanation

My Reflection:
I was learning about the features of an explanation. I learnt by reading information on a slideshow and then doing a quiz. I got 10 out of 10 right. I thought the quiz was easy because I didn't have to retry the questions. My next step is to use what iv'e learnt when I write explanations.

Kensuke's Kingdom - Chapter 1

My Reflection
I have been doing an activity for my learning called Kensuke's Kingdom.  I think that this is a good activity because you have to read a lot and go back and read to find the answers for the questions.  overall I thought that most people should give this activity a go because it helps you learn a lot.

Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

What is an Improper Fraction?
 A number which the numerator is greater than the denominator.

What is a Mixed Fraction?
 A whole number and a fraction combined into one mixed number.

How do you change a Mixed Fractions to an Improper Fraction?
Multiply the whole number part by the fraction's denominator. Add that to the numerator. Then write the result on top of the denominator.

How do you change an Improper Fraction to a Mixed Fraction? 
Divid the numerator by the denominator.  Write down the whole number answer.  Then write down any remainders above the denominator.

My Reflection:
I have been learning to understand what an improper fraction and mixed numbers are.  So for this activity we had to screen record a factions-maths game that we were playing then answer some questions about improper factions and what they mean.  Overall I thought that this was a really fun and cool activity to do.  

Monday, 27 July 2015

Term 3 Week 2

On Saturday I helped my Mum buy tickets for when we go on a plane to Melbourne.  When we are in Melbourne the next day we arrive we are going to watch live WWE wrestling.

 So when we booked our tickets we had to go to my Mums work to print out the wrestling tickets.  We are only staying in Melbourne for 2 days and we are going in 2 weeks. My whole family is going to Melbourne but not my Dad because he is in Thailand then he went to England.  He is coming back at the end of this month because he went to go and visit his son.

I am really excited to go to Melbourne because I have never been there before and because I really want to watch wrestling.  I was asking and asking my Mum if we could stay there for more than 2 days but she kept saying  NO NO NO NO NO.