Thursday, 31 March 2016

Resilience Slideshow

My Reflection:
In my classroom we have been learning about our 3 R values Respect, Resilience and Responsibility.  We got split into groups and we had to make a Doc or a Slideshow I choose to do a slideshow with my group.  I enjoyed doing this because it tells you what the word means and what you can do to show it.  I would like to do something else similar to this because I enjoyed learning more stuff about the word resilience.  

Korowai Slideshow

My Reflection:
I have been learning about the different types of korowai's.  For this activity we needed to complete 13 slides, we had to read an artical that was based on korowai and after we read it we had to complete sentences that asked questions like, What do you need clarified or What did you find interesting.  I found this easy because it was a really good activity because it helps you to learn more about the different types of korowai if you didn't know much about them.  I would want to do something more similar to this because it was really fun and easy to do.