Tuesday, 30 August 2016

First Aid WorkShop

My Reflection:
In Room 22 we had this man come in from St Johns, and he was talking to us about what we already knew before we started doing stuff in pairs.  First we talked about what happens when you have an asthma attack and you don't have your inhaler.  After awhile of talking we got into groups of two and doing this thing where your buddy is laying down on the ground, she/he is not responding, breathing or moving and you have to check for Danger, Response, Send For Help, Airway, Breathing, Commence CPR, Defibrillation.  I would like to do this kind of activity again because it would teach me how to look after someone from my family if something bad happened to them like they weren't breathing ect.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Speech Writing

My Reflection:
In Room 22 we have been writing speeches. This year we had to write a persuasive speech. The topic I chose was why more people should do athletics. In my speech we had to include an Introduction, 3 Reasons and a Conclusion. What I found tricky was finding a topic because there are so many good topics out there and I couldn't choose, and I also found it a bit hard to write my speech, but when I did have my speech together I was confident when it was time to present my speech to the class. I would like to continue to write more speeches because each time I do another speech I learn how to improve my writing so I can do another speech but better than all of the ones I have previously done.

Find Fractions Of Shapes And Sets

My Reflection:
In Room 22 we have been learning to use patterns to find fractions of shapes and sets. The types of fractions we have been learning about are improper fractions, proper fractions and many more. I found it difficult to do some of the tricky problems but I got used to it when we were getting threw the problems. In this piece of evidence we had to highlight the number of the fraction E.G 2/5 so you would have to highlight the fraction it is telling you to do. I would like to do this activity maybe again later in the year so I can get harder questions so I can get to know my fractions better in the future.