Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Term 4 Week 3

On Friday I went to my friends house for a sleepover.  When I first got there we went to her house and we played on her trampoline we did backflips and other cool tricks. Then we went back inside and we watched some tv and watched youtube videos on her computer. 

After we went to the dairy and we bought a bag of lollies, a drink and we also got a packet of candy  floss.  We went back to her house to eat the lollies we didn't eat them all but we ate some of them. A couple minutes later we went to botany so that we could go to the candy shop to buy the Bean Boozled so the bean boozled are these jelly beans that could either be a yummy flavour or  disgusting flavour and the jelly beans come in pairs so they look exactly the same and you don't know what flavour it is by looking at it the only way you can tell it's which flavour is by eating it. 

A few days later it was time for me to go home my friends mum dropped me off at my house I had a lot of fun there and I never wanted to go home again!!!!

                                                                      THE END

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Term 4 Week 2

On the weekend I went to Lloyd Elsmore swimming pools. When I first got there I went straight into the pool because the water was warm and also because I was cold.  Then when I was in the pool I was
 warmer then I was before. After I started to play with my rugby ball that I brought and me and my friend were pacing the ball to each other trying to throw the ball over the other people that were in the pool.  Then the people that worked there were blowing up the slide so my friend asked her mum
if we could go on the slide and my friends mum said "yes you can" so we went to the counter by the  entrance so that we knew how much the slide cost and we had to pay $2 per person over 7 years old. 

Me and my friend were allowed to go on because I am 9 and my friend is 9 too! So when the slide was blown up fully it was time for us to go on and luckily me and my friend were the only people on  the slide so we got heaps and heaps of turns without having to wait for other people to finish on the slide.  After that me and my friend went to the deep and with our goggles so that we could see under water.  After about 3-4 hours later it was time for us to get out of the pool and go home I was really cold when I got out because the wind was cold and there was water in my ear and it was soo
ANNOYING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!         

                                                                THE END